Adopt a Student

Students...we love having you as part of our Hope Church Family. We also want you to experience all that being part of our family means. So, we are inviting you to be 'adopted' for the coming year. As many of you have left families behind to come and study in Glasgow, we would like to put you back into the heart of family life. Your adopted hosts are keen to involve you in their family life and be plugged into your life as a student as well. Please sign up below and then sit back as we find just the right place for you to feel at home this year! 
Families.....we want our students to love being part of our family. So we are inviting you to 'Adopt a Student' for the coming year. This will involve a student being part of your family for at least one Sunday a month and for you to be involved in their life in other ways by keeping in touch. So what better way for you to demonstrate your love and care than by letting them be part of your family! Please sign up below then sit back as we find just the right person for you to share family with this year!

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