We meet every Sunday at 10:45-13:00 – Hyndland Parish Church, Glasgow, G12 9JE


If you are visiting us at Hope, please look out for one of our welcome team, they will be happy to say hi, point you in the right direction and answer any questions.

During the meeting we will have about 45 minutes of worship, this generally involves modern and classic songs and hymns, led by one of our bands. The words of the songs will appear on the large screen. Our worship is expressive, enthusiastic and inclusive.

After the worship, we will have some notices but we also love to hear what God has been up to, so you might hear some "testimonies".

Next up, it's an offering. We believe this is an act of worship, that God loves a joyful giver, and there is no tax for church. All this means we don't expect you to give money unless you feel like it's a good idea.

The meeting continues with a talk/preach. We believe in bible based preaching, and have them on a wide range of topics finishing with prayer or ministry.

Finally, there is tea & coffee, and most importantly cake, as long as you get there before the kids. With a chance to chat and get to know people and visit the Welcome Table where you can get up to date information and even sign up for groups, events, ministries and get any answers to questions you may have.


At Hope we believe that our children should have the opportunity to have fun while learning and experiencing God. There is no junior holy spirit, and children should have the same experiences as adults.

When you arrive, the Welcome Team will point you to the registry table, we follow a sticker system to keep all the kids safe. If it is your first time, there will be a quick digital form to complete.

During the worship, at around 11:25 a notice on the projector will come up saying its time for the kids groups, someone will point you in the right direction if you need help. Don't forget to collect your kids after the preach.