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Of Elephants and Ants - Mark 9

We saw in the last Chapter that the disciples were beginning to get the revelation of who he was – ‘you are the Christ’ Peter said.


Now he chooses 3 of them and reveals his glory to them. It is an encounter they don’t fully understand.


The story shows us the following:
  1. God chooses. 3 are included; the other 9 are at the bottom of the hill. We often want what     God has given other people; we need to be at rest with God’s choices for us. He is sovereign 

  2. Encounters with the glory of God are available in authentic ways to mere mortals.

  3. The revelation and understanding of God is God initiated. If God hadn’t shown himself, we by our own thoughts could not have discovered him. Western modern thinking as well as post modern thinking is focused on what we can think and comprehend and discover. The Biblical  perspective is God shows us and leads us into truth and experiences we couldn’t discover with our tiny minds. We are like ants on an elephant, we could never know its size and character unless the elephant spoke ‘antish’. God is like the elephant and we are the ants. For us the elephant became an ant and still remained an elephant and spoke to us in ant language.

  4. Therefore I need to submit to his thoughts. Being a Bible reader helps this process because the Bible is life from a God centred perspective and our mindset needs to become more God centred. The Bible is philosophy, morals, existence, love and marriage in a God centred way.

  5. Therefore I can expect encounters, for they lift me out of my limitations and into greater knowledge of Him as the transcendent one, this is why Baptism in the Spirit and encounters with the Spirit are so important.

  1. How are you going to think in a more God centred way this year?

  2. Can you know things about God with certainty-even with our tiny minds? How?

  3. Pray for more encounters with Jesus that just overwhelm you this year, pray for someone in your small group for the same thing.