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All you need is love - Mark 12

The Beatles sang about it, everybody sings about love. Jesus said the most important thing you can do is love God and love you neighbour.


The route into love


To give the kind of wholehearted love Jesus talks about we need to first receive it from God. He loves us because he loves and delights in himself. The members of the trinity love and honour one another and this spilled over into delighting to make, choose and save us. God shows His love for us, in while were still sinners Christ died for us.


We love God by loving others


God receives love and service as if we were doing it directly to Him as we love and serve people (Hes6;10). Love your neighbour as yourself is heightened to a new commandment by Jesus- love as he loved us.


Our culture knows little of community and the forces of family breakdown, social mobility, job pressures and the cult of individualism work against an understanding and experience of the genuine love of God in community. We are called to model this to an essentially fragmented and increasingly lonely world.


Community teaches us how to do life, shapes our character, keeps us firing for God, gives us a place to belong and be accepted. It gives us a place to find and give help when needed. Small groups are a great place to work this out


Fighting against the cultural flow


We need to commit to community and have people commit to us. We need to a have a locus to our lives that we move out from and return to. We need to value it. Live in places that help us build community and not just make economic choices. We need to realise that we are our brother’s keeper and not live an ‘out of sight is out of mind’ existence.


1)       What do you value most about the community of the church?

2)       How can you show God’s love to your non Christian friends and colleagues?

3)       How can your small group grow in its love for each other?

4)       Does your church family know you value them and are in heart with them? Is there anyway

          you can improve the way you love your church family and the un-churched you know?