Wednesday 27th July - Day 5

Phew, end of day 5 and I am tired. But also strangely awake. The day began with Danny Silk. The man is hilarious. He has this funny little voice that he does when impersonating an annoying American Christian. Not annoying coz they're American- might I add. He was speaking on 'Living in an Apostolic Age' It was pretty tricky to follow but it was good. He spoke about different gifts and how it is not the label that's important but the fact that the gifting/annointing is functioning in the church. Basically, just listen to all the teaching from the this whole conference.

Lunch was had with some new Swedish friends who I happen to have a mutual friend with. Once again, ate too much. Not so much of a food baby, but food twins accompanied me to the afternoon session. Chris Overstreet did it once again! What a legend. We have bought his book. He spoke on fear and core values. Not fear as a core value, but you get me. Fear makes you feel powerless. It is impossible to move in the stuff God has for me when I give up my authority to fear. 6 Core Values: Love, Honour, Living in the presence of God, Power, Joy and Faith. Faith= risk with love and honour. Trying makes things difficult. Just relax. God loves my heart when I step out, when I'm motivated by love. And love never fails.

Dinner was yum, Lizzie Ford is a LEGEND. She has been feeding us so well. She is incredible. Such a blessing to be here with her and Phil. They are such a great team. And they work together so well, even when they are just being themselves. They're ace.

Evening session was Kevin Dedmon. Again, great stuff but super confusing. It was about predestination etc. Tricky times. Some notes from my wee book- Matthew 6v9->... Lord's prayer. What is God's will? God's will is always His name. He has 300 names in the  Bible. That is a lot. Saviour, Healer, Protector, Redeemer, Peace, Wisdom, Creator... Everything revolves around His name. His name is His will. So it's in His wil to heal, to bring peace, to protect, to create... Plus He never changes. So we don't need to worry that His will has changed. Coz He doesn't change. The theif comes to steal, kill and destory. Not God. Jesus came  to give life to the FULL. Jesus only did what He saw the Father do. He didn't wait around, He didn't go- is the Father healing you? No. Him? no. Her? no... ummmm, ok- he  was to heal that person. The Father is always ALWAYS being Himself. So he's always healing, etc. He is always being/doing His name. Sometimes we go too far with sovreignty and we leave it all to God, and don't do anything ourselves. We need to partner with Him. Kevin went on to say some more stuff about predestination- Calvinism and Armenian (don't know spelling) but my notes then say "I AM SO LOST!" Apparently it's all in his book Unlocking Heaven. Go read. I think I will. Last note I took was "Expanding the kingdom is about declaring. Nor petitioning and pleaing."

At some point in the day, I wrote "feeling pretty fed up. Don't know why." Think I was fed up of being tired and lacking energy. But then I drew a line under that and wrote "Not fed up this EVENING!! Wow. Worship was brill. Had a prophetic word/encouragement for a big leadery looking guy. Was good." Haha. We sang this brilliant song. I don't know if it was a pre-written song or something they just did. But it went " I can hear the rhythm of the heartbeat of Heaven... I can hear the rhythm of the heartbeat of Heaven" and Chris Overstreet  was shouting over the top "HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN" The presence of God was so heavy. Worship has been good, but that night was great!! It was fairly close to the beasting worship we've been having at Hope!!! We are so blessed with a wonderful worship team. Totally praying for blessing and increase on what God's doing. It's exciting to be at Bethel and be thinking- wow, that was almost as good as Hope! :)
Elanor McAdam, 28/07/2011
Jan Treadgold 30/07/2011 10:33
It has been quite an epic adventure...and we have been hanging on every word. You have all displayed great courage and tremendous honesty about all you have seen heard felt. I'm sure lots of folks will identify with things that each of you have share. Just so proud of all of you . Looking forward to having you all back home soon x
Renush (Guest) 26/10/2018 12:06
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