Thursday 28th July - Day 6

So, I am currently sitting in Heathrow airport- waiting for our last flight to Edinburgh. Its just coming up to 6.30am Pacific time- 2.30pm GMT. A bit spaced out to say the least, but one things for sure- life can't be the same. It just can't. This past week has been an incredible experience and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to go.

Theresa Dedmon kicked off the third day of the conference with a message about Creativity and annointing. She has incredible stories of things they have done in their community. Children are willing to give things a go coz they have not yet been labelled with talents or weaknesses. They're not scared to get it wrong. When we create, we reflect the creator. We ALL were made to be creative. I have always said "no, no- I'm not arty, my sister is the arty one" but I'm learning that that is a wrong mindset. Of course, Lauren is extremely artistic and talented- but I am creative in different ways. I too reflect the Creator in some way. When I criticise something I've made, I am criticising the Creator. This statement seems a bit extreme but I see what she's getting at. When I cut off or shut down my  reativity, I cut off a part of who I was made to be. Theresa also chatted about bringing the supernatural into our  creativity. And letting go of narrow-minded vision. What I create won't be the same as what someone else will do. Good stuff.

Lunch... I cannot remember now... It was probably good! The afternoon main session was a guy called Joaquin Evans. I learned I have always said this name wrong- oops! Wakeen is apparently how its said. Not Jo-quin. Haha. I was pretty tired through this session so lay down across some chairs and just caught bits of it. What I heard was good. God can't work for me if I'M working for me. God is free, and where His spirit is, there is freedom. He wants us to be free so that He can move freely through is. We were called to BE FREE. The world needs people who live what they believe.

Breakout session- woooooaaah- FREAK OUT! Le freak by Chic became our theme tune for this part of the day. Basically its seminars, but they're called breakouts. Good. Jake Veach= absolute legend. Title- Christ's Nature and our response. AMAZING! Def going to listen to it again. It was brilliant. Everything Jesus did and said set a standard for how we are to live life. Holy Spirit is here to remind us of what JC said and did. Jesus is the living word (logos)  when God said let there be light- that was JESUS! When God spoke creation, He spoke Jesus. He spoke a reality. He created a reality with his words. Everything JC spoke, He revealed the nature of Father God. Mark 8:1-21. Jesus expected the disciples to see the miracle, but more importantly, see His NATURE. He expected them to live differently having seen His nature. He expected them to live knowing that with Jesus there is not lack. They not only worried, but the moved into unbelief. When we've seen him heal/ provide, we've seen His nature. Anytime we don't live by that stajndard, we move into an area of doubt and unbelief. I am required to live at the standard He has set for me. Saying no to that violates the nature of God inside of me. Choosing faith is choosing to honour Him. Choosing fear is choosing to honour Satan. AH! What would it look like if He only had to tell us once?! WOW!!!

We had Carissa and ourSwedish friends over for dinner and then headed back for the evening meeting. Worship was INCREDIBLE!!! So great. "I can feel the rhythm of the heartbeat of Heaven.... I can feel the rhythm of the heartbeat of Heaven..." with Chris Overstreet shouting "HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN" over the top in the gaps... probably doesn't sound incredbile typed out like that, but it really was. Kevin shared his life story- wow. That man is amazing!

A brilliant second last day :) Will blog about last day and final thoughts on the trip when I'm back from Newday. For now it's over and out.
Elanor McAdam, 31/07/2011
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