Content & Teaching

School Content

  • You will learn to encounter His presence, go deeper in worship and develop intimacy with Him.
  • You will be equipped to heal the sick and bring prophetic words and insights.
  • You will learn about the culture of honour that God is establishing in His church and how to live it out in every part of your life; how to live in freedom and not control.
  • You will be equipped to experience and navigate the realm of visions and dreams; learning to hear God more clearly.
  • You will grow in being a presence carrier and so become an atmosphere changer in your world.
  • You will get the chance to be involved in Light and Life and take part it in a variety of outreach events taking His presence to the streets.

How Is The Teaching Delivered?
  • Drawing on visiting speakers to Hope. Over the last few year we have hosted Julian Adams (Frequentsee), Pete and Kim Carter (North Kent Community Church),  Dawna & Stephen De Silva, Joaquin Evans, Ahab Alhindi, Danny Silk and Kevin Dedmon (Bethel Church - Redding, California), Leif Hetland (Global Mission Awareness)
  • Guest speakers from around the UK (see Speaker Biographies for more information) 
  • Hope Church Glasgow Leadership team and HSSL Team teaching.