I am overwhelmed, I have been emotionally completely undone, tears and snot... the works, my brain is protesting but my heart is leaping and Jesus is so dear to me. Bethel is a very deep  well indeed.
We have begun in Hope, but there is so much more. Please please please lets not think we have bottomed out his presence, understood the extent of honour or ended our pursuit of power. Please, please please, for Jesus sake, for the sake of the world, I want to press forward for more. More presence more freedom, more love of the Father, a huge momentum in the miraculous, creating an environment where people become powerful in God and know who they are and who they were created to be.
HUNGER! We need, I need, more encounters. Every time he wrecks me I love him more and he escapes the last box I put him in. What you touch here is authentic gospel dynamite, insatiable hunger, brave honesty, unrelenting honour of people, miracle story after miracle story, theology in its true sense-the knowledge (gnosko) of God by face to face encounter, strong relationships, excellence, awesome worship and a city feeling the impact, scores and scores saved and healed, groups invading the community at multiple levels.
I never, never ever want to go back to small God, small me. Religion, knowledge but little in the way of encounter and power. Israel camped around the presence, they followed his presence, his presence shaped and affected them 24/7 whether cloud by day or fire by night, His presence was inescapable.


Andy Merrick, 02/11/2012
Jan T (Guest) 02/11/2012 09:10
We have been waiting for this one Andy!! DELIGHTED!!

Mark Spicer 02/11/2012 09:12
I felt just the same wen I was at Bethel too....overwhelmed by His presence and dissatisfied with where I've got to....with you all the way for pursuing more of Father's goodies! Keep drinking it all in - looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday and some impartation!!!!
phil (Guest) 02/11/2012 09:21
yeehaa. love it
Mary-Lou Bell 02/11/2012 18:03
Bring it all back with you please!
Gerry & Joanna OConnell (Guest) 02/11/2012 19:47
Andy we've been soaking up the conf on ibethel.tv and its been great and refreshing over the internet too ... I love ...For the sake of the world ... and was impacted greatly by Phil Ms talk ... enjoy ... enjoy.. enjoy ... bro :-)
Megan (Guest) 04/11/2012 17:26
"I never, never ever want to go back to small God, small me."

What a statement! Blew me away... and made me cry. God bless you Andy - looking forward to what you are bringing back to HSSL on Tuesday! :-) x