Well here I am again. 3rd visit to bethel, and it's still at times breathtaking what they have done and continue to do here, not to mention the presence of God....oh wow what awesome worship last night. The evening meetings definitely benefit from taking more time and Brian Johnson knows how to keep leading it deeper and higher.
So, Bethel now employs 500 people- its the biggest single employer in this city of no more than 100000 people. The people who visit, like us, support the local economy significantly boosting the area annd sustaining the hotel trade. The church now run - on behalf of the city- the civic centre which is the largest auditorium in northern California. It is now used daily for the Bethel school of Supernatural Ministry which has 1300 1st years, close to 1900 students in total including 2nd years.
Why come again?
1) Our 2 previous visits have been transformational to us and Hope Church, the flow of healings for instance, started immediately after Nick and I returned from our first visit 3 years ago.
2) Of course God can do anything anywhere, but scripture and church history teach us that hungry people have been willing to travel to get fed, and learn. The humble recognise that others have much to impart to them and teach them. Pressing in to others who have more equips us to receive our own revelation and breakthrough
3) Impartion. In Romans 1 Paul says how he longs to be with them to impart some spiritual gift. His letter is legendary, its a masterpiece of theology, which he could send, but he knew he had to travel to impart to them. The desperate woman with the issue of blood travelled and pressed through to Jesus and received her healing. Some things in the kingdom get transfered by touch and proximity, beyond the words of teaching alone.
4) I am hungry for more. I want to see cancers healed and the blind see in Glasgow, I want to have miracles everyday, out on our streets and places of work. That is happenning here. There are other giant killers in the Bible other than David who killed Goliath, but all of them had hung around David first. So if you want to slay giants hang around other giant killers.
5) I am hungry for understanding. How to deepen the culture of honour. How to relate to people who don't get what we are about. How to be honourable to those who have perhaps dishonoured me. How to build a freedom culture in Hope, how to call out people to destiny and create cohesion. How to make a church that puts kingdom first.
6) I want us to transform our city. Ours is a sin city, where sin increases grace increases all the more, so we have a huge opportunity infront of us to see an outpouring of God. There are few places on earth, and fewer in western type cultures, where cities are truly being affected by the church. Big church is no guarentee of affecting your city. They are doing it here, I am hungrier than ever to discover more and reveive more so we can do the same.
Theresa and I count it a massive privilege to be here representing Hope. We are thrilled to have Jan McFarlane with us, she is already loving it and she is full of insights. She paid her own way.
I love Hope church, you are good soil
Love, blessing Hugs


Jan T (Guest) 30/10/2012 15:34
We hear you Andy...keep this coming as your week unfolds :D

Sarah Harrison 31/10/2012 14:07
Andy, we are so glad you, theresa and jan are in bethel once again, we're believing for what you will bring back to Hope with you.