TheresaFirst few days

Dear Lovely Hope Family,

I don’t know where to start we’ve been in USA for 10 days -every one of those days it’s been 100ºF+ (39ºc), phew that hot.

IMG-20130716-WA0004We started our break staying on a ranch 15 mins drive from Bethel, so we look out over trees, fields, cows, sheep and horses. My grandsons would think they were in heaven - it’s very quiet and tranquil and we can use a pool if we want to - house is spacious and cool perfect for hanging out and chilling.

Chief cook has been Andy been barbecuing most of the time - steak obviously features as well as tuna fish, chicken, sausages and more steak!!!

I just wanted to shout out RESPECT for  moving cultures and country to Carissa, Rachel, Mary-Lou, Fiona (and soon Pamela) and Cassandra - it is seriously stressful moving cultures - RESPECT you wonderful ladies IT’S STRESSFUL - just shopping is stressful - we bought wrap thinking it was cling film - its foil!!! Driving is stressful - I’ve already driven thru a 4 way stop - twice!!! Not that I’ve let that stop me mastering driving here!! We’ve discovered Trader Joes and visit briefly Wal-Mart; 3 times the size of the biggest Tesco!!! I have new respect for you courageous ladies moving country and cultures.

God’s been speaking to me about wisdom, the precious and priceless quality of wisdom Job 32:8- “It is the Spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty that gives them understanding.” One of the first things we did was go the encounter room on sat morning a lovely man called Roger- who we’d never met before spoke to us:

1 - He felt God was gathering others to us in Glasgow.
2 - That there was a breakthrough coming that the prophets and intercessors were seeing.
3 - There would bring great growth, but not to get under pressure, instead lean into Daddy God.
4 - New visibility and new role for me and not to think of myself as lesser than Andy!!
5 - I was to write down what I see- deeper revelation is coming.
6 - New tenderness as a couple- Andy was to wipe away my tears!!!!

WOW this is the start!

IMG-20130716-WA0000Sunday -We were very disappointed Kaytie Lilley was due to fly in to Redding and come with us to church - but due to a plane crashing in San Francisco all flights got cancelled, rebooked etc., and in the end she didn’t make it. - sadness!!

Danny Silk was speaking and it was good but not great- we had lunch out with Dawna and Stephen da Silva - what an amazing couple they are- he’s the money man in Bethel and is such an understated down to earth chap - I love him!!!

Sunday night Ray Hughes spoke He has been formative in forming the worship here at Bethel and he’d just been speaking on their worship conference - download the preach IT WAS BRILLIANT!

Great one liner: “Anytime your memories are more powerful than your dreams- you are sabotaging your future.”

Called not to be imitators but innovators.

Desert is a great place to release you from people’s expectations.

Never live where you are tolerated - only live in a place where you are celebrated!!

Never settle to worship where God is tolerated - be in a place where He is celebrated

Listen to it if you can, he spoke about how David was no longer limited to playing to appease Saul’s issues, he wrote creative songs which sustained worship and would be sung by his sons for the next 30 years. He led creation in worship- atmosphere shifted in shepherds field, this sound activated minstrel songs which carried truth and covenantal promise for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. A song that became a truth that would endure for a thousand generations. Sang “He forgives all my sin and heals all my diseases”.

Such was David’s heart there was a purpose presence and sound of God he sang out - which God found irresistible.

God is changing the way the church carries music, what does this look like?

God will lead us into quiet places to restore you, He will also lead you to quiet places we need to restore, and in a desert I’m here to beautify this place!
Monday morning - spin class at gym we’ve joined then swim in sunshine, while we’re out here we plan on coming back home a few pounds lighter and more toned! Besides we’re surrounded by gorgeous Californian bodies!!!

IMG-20130716-WA0002On Tuesday what do you do when it 40º+ smother yourself in sun tan lotion and submerge yourself in water; we took a trip to whiskey Town lake with our good friend Joy Barham from Bedford. I needed to tell Joy about how amazing God has been at answering my dreams, even when I didn’t realize they were my dreams. Some I knew, like driving a mini cooper sport up the west coast of Scotland (sooo much fun), but some I didn’t expect - like being released to be me in Hope Church Glasgow, like some of my kids moving back to Glasgow and seeing it as home.

It was really good to tell Joy all this as she’d helped me with some Dream coaching a few months ago and has encouraged and coached me in my dream coaching.

Well time to go to bed so much more to tell you all but I’ll do that tomorrow God is Good ALL the time.

Loveya lotsnlots tonsntons

Theresa Merrick, 15/07/2013