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Hiya you wonderful Hopers’

On Wednesday we went to the gym and met up with Banning Liebsher in Hebrews, which yes you guessed it is the coffee/tea place at Bethel church. They also sell cakes biscuits etc. and great cashew Thai salad- delicious!

We were all excited to meet with Banning, He leads up Jesus Culture and is planning on coming to Glasgow Saturday 28th Sept - to say we were excited would be a vast understatement - they also will stay sun morning and be with us and would like to see a bit of Scotland and possibly visit some revival sites. They’ve never been to Scotland before and are looking for places where they can build sustained relationship. Pray- pray- for God to do something amazing and link hearts supernaturally!! Banning is a lovely man - courageously just moved to Sacramento to church plant, wed night we relaxed and read our books.

Thursday I booked in to an Intercessors training day - whooppeeeeeeee!

Key 1 to interceding- relationship with Holy Spirit - close, best friend, He Intercedes and we’re following Him - He has all the answers.

Key 2 to intercession - relationship with each other - love one another for who we are, how we are and defer to each other (sound familiar!!)

Great stories - when they speak out attributes of Holy Spirit sparkles are released and trail to each person - when they sing out Holy Spirit attributes in song sparkles get longer and lasts longer than the length of the song. After this Jesus then took the sparkles and deposited it on each person’s head - good eh.

Every church has a different blueprint and prayer covering - so don’t imitate, hear from Holy Spirit and implement your blueprint.

Anointing is a living thing - so team is committed to meet weekly for 1 year minimum!

They have fun and laugh a lot, they are a creative bunch so no two weeks are the same, they did workshops- I went to the prophetic art- never been before (it’s good to get out of your comfort zone) I had a whale of a time I was teamed up with a visitor called Grace from Taiwan and I drew a picture  I saw many years ago- it was the corner of a beautiful brides dress encrusted with diamonds rubies jade sapphire, and other precious stones, it was the most exquisite and classy dress I have ever seen- and when I looked closely all these stones were all hand sewn placed individually by Holy Spirit, it was luminescent translucent material and she was dancing and as the dress moved it sang-and I felt Daddy God say this is my bride, she will take longer to prepare than you thought, but she will be more beautiful than you can ever imagine. So I drew this dress- it was so much fun- obviously it was a poor representation - but when I gave it to Grace she said one of the things God had been speaking to her about was prophetic dancing - hee hee hee.

So there you go Kezia (my Daughter) - my first prophetic art!!

IMG-20130717-WA0000There was so much more amazing inspiring and challenging thoughts that I could not possibly tell you about now, in complete contrast I then went to a Weightwatcher class in Redding, those who know me know I’ve been working on losing weight and shaping up, well this is the furthest I’ve ever gone for a class here is a picture of the terrified looking weight watcher leader, I think she thought I came from another planet. It was hilarious, I said an entire sentence in the meeting there was a pause and then they all carried on like I’d said nothing- I realised they couldn’t understand a word I’d said!!! Ha ha-ha
On Friday Andy and I had booked in for a Sozo apt, I was keen but a bit apprehensive- Andy was typically male and was NOT overly enthusiastic until he   came out of his Sozo appointment. He was raving about how amazing his appointment had been, how insightful the guy was, how incredibly meaningful it had been, that too was really funny!!

By Saturday we were both feeling shattered, I’d not been sleeping that well - too many exciting things going on!! So we decided Fri night we were staying home resting and relaxing on Saturday.

Sunday we were at 10:00am service and sat next to 2 ladies from Switzerland who were over visiting Bethel- they’d just had their Young leaders conference. Arise - Daniela and Priska, Bill Johnson was preaching- great one liners:
IMG-20130716-WA0001- God doesn’t separate passion for Him and passion for His people.
- Supernatural activity of God is released most fully when the community of His people draws alongside.
- We cannot exaggerate or overstate Gods comfort, love and encouragement to churched and unchurched people.
- ‘You will declare a thing and it will be established’ importance of what we say!
- Insecure people are poor sources of encouragement!!

Sunday afternoon we went to Red robin with Carissa - see photo! - it was great to hear all her news and tell her what was happening with Hope church, what great fruit her year with us had borne. Blimey it’s hot here 100°F+ on Sunday

Sunday night - Chris Valleton spoke on who and whom am I following, and who’s following me!!
Great One liner (GOL)

Matthew 16:24 sacrifice is involved in following Jesus; the Comforter is so we can feel comfortable in DISCOMFORT!!

He was brilliant. 2 Thess 3:9 - Paul states follow our example Phil 2:17 follow my example- observe those who walk according to the pattern you see in us! It was profound, best point for me was - you work and do what your boss says all week at work, whether you agree with him or not cos’ he pays you and it’s what Daddy God wants us to do- serving at church in some area- out of and for the love of the saints- “oh I don’t feel called to that” - do you know what they call people who are paid to serve - servants - folk who take ownership are sons.

IMG-20130716-WA0003aThis is such a privilege to be here not just to hear all that happening in Bethel, or to walk with giants for a while, but to have time to sleep, listen to Daddy God, think, read, worship, chat and pray - it is bliss.

Time for bed - off to Bethel staff meeting in morning - should be fun, we’re also going to have a couple of days off and visit Redwoods on the west coast.

Big hug, loveyaloads


Theresa Merrick, 17/07/2013