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Dear All
Hi from Hot California 45C this week. We’ve had a productive week- we met up with Paul Manwaring on Tuesday for coffee, he invited us to the staff meeting next day,then off we went to the gym to work off some calories and did Body Pump and Spin- we were dead afterwards!!! But it’s good for us it’s too hot to do any form of exercise apart from very early morning walks and swimming- hence the gym. Our faces were hilarious we looked like 2 exploded tomatoes!

Wednesday we were privileged to be invited into Bethel Staff meeting-WOW 2 hours of testimony’s about 20-22 people present. Highlights:

Tracey Evans shared –she’s in Mozambique (different area to Heidi Baker) is feeding 900 orphans a day. Government bribery backfires- it’s supposed to take 45 days to get an organization registered but because Tracey refused to bribe officials, she had to go back every month to chase the officials. It took 1.5 years- as a result she saw most government officials and knew them personally. They asked her advice on leadership (due to war and lack of education, most leadership is still communistic in approach) they asked her to do training in leadership and governance. As a result she ended up with 150 officials meeting monthly where Tracey trains them in kingdom leadership and governance!!

Sex trafficking leader saved two ladies on street in Asian nation see a girl in process of being abducted by some men, they call to a passing policeman – but he ignores them as he’s on their payroll. Not knowing what to do they pray and worship and approach these men; they offer them a drink of water. The men are confused, and the girl escapes in the confusion. The 2 ladies then buy the men a meal and learn they are a sex trafficking gang and trapped in a vicious cycle of control. Over the next 12 months these 2 housewives meet up with the gang leaders showing them real love and talking to him about a better future. One of the gang leaders disappears – a month later he shows up and says “When I’m with you I feel peace. How can I get that for myself”? The 2 ladies introduce him to Jesus. Six months later he has a normal job and they have saved thousands of girls-because he’s not doing the sex trafficking anymore- the kingdom continues to advance.

These are just 2 of the many stories; one couple shared how they are hoping to adopt twin girls, so it wasn’t all news abroad but church news too.

Then Andy went to prayer house I went to Weightwatcher and got ready for our visit to California Redwoods.

IMG-20130801-WA0000Whoop- we drove off Thursday morning – it’s about a 4-5 hour drive over the mountains to west coast- which is much colder 18*- which felt chilly!!!Beautiful drive past Lakes Mountains, wild country- just beautiful. We were staying at Crescent City and stopped off on the Redwood trail called Mrs Bird Roosevelt trail (one of the benefits of being a founder is you get a trail named after you!!).

It was surprisingly moving to see these great giants trees, here’s a photo of one of them immense beasts of trees, largest ones are 300-350 feet tall widest one is 50 feet circumference- been there for 1500 years- which means when romans left Britain he was a seedling! They grow the fastest in the first 100 years!! I loved them, I touched a few and asked for wisdom to be imparted, they felt light and fun and joyful.-Simon Parnham- I touched the Ents of this world!!!

IMG-20130801-WA0001Here am me showing how MASSIVE they really are!!! I took far far far too many photos-Here is a photo of Andy and yes we drove through that tree!!!!! We drove for miles looking at these great beasts of trees, Daddy God is so good this was something incredible, they spoke to me - HOW AMAZINGLY GLORIOUS IS OUR GOD, and what depths of  timeless wisdom are available in Him. The Redwoods are resistant to fungi (hmm bit like us – filled with Holy Spirit nothing enemy throws at us will take root!!! And have high levels of tannin which means they are resistant to insects as they don’t like the taste (hmm – filled with Holy Spirit-we smell great to God- but other ‘critters’ can’t stand the taste of Gods goodness)
On the second day we went to a different Redwood forest and saw the Biggest Redwood tree of all time sadly it fell in 1991 but it is still MASSIVE- it will take 400 years for Him to be assimilated into the forest. Redwood trees have great longevity because they sprout new life- from different places- if the top has been felled by wind, or struck by lightning a new tree will grow on top, and entire trees can grow out of the sides, even if they die new life springs up out of them, and the life/nutrients around the atmosphere created by Redwoods is full of more variety of life than the rain forest.

All these factors made me think of the giants in my Christian life who are now dead but their legacy lives brighter and more fully orbed in me and Andy- people like Bryn Jones, Arthur Wallis, Ern Baxter, Bob Mumford- these guys changed a nation and a generation. Other giants that are still living and giving life- Terry Virgo, Alan Scotland, Don & June Silber. We all have these giants in our lives who changed the Christian environment permanently, I suggest you take a few minutes to think and give thanks for who they were, for the impact they had on us the skills and truths they taught us, the legacy they deposited in us, and for the way they ran such a good race with the truth God showed them, let us be the same.
I changed one of my goals in life – I no longer want to be an oak of righteousness- I want to be a Redwood.

I’m beginning to miss you all now, big hug more news to come,



Theresa Merrick, 29/07/2013