TheresaNo. 4: Gallon into a pint pot

Welcome to all the new families who have moved into Hope Church Glasgow over the weekend, I know you will give them all a huge generous Daddy God welcome.

Well blog no 4 – where do I start – putting a gallon into a pint pot springs to mind!!!

We have been to 2 Sunday services since I last wrote to you all- first Sunday we went to Twin View Campus- this is where a lot of local people go to church- about 250 folk. It’s much smaller than the 1000 people that gather on a Sunday morning at Bethel Church. I loved the feel of it- more like us and it was encouraging because it wasn’t perfect- the welcome was poor initially, no drink available – which when its 40C you need one!! Worship was sleepy at first but real presence of God there, Bill preached an outstanding message on grace versus license

GOL-We cannot tread upon the blood of Jesus and call it self-discovery.

Balance is not the place between joy and depression

Bill talked about resisting temptation but we’re told to flee from immorality. Again outstanding stuff- you can get your free download to listen to it in full.

Sunday lunch we spent with a couple with a heart for Scotland and had a great chat I shared my testimony about how I didn’t want to church plant and God spoke to me so amazingly about it, that He would look after my children and wasn’t He a better Mum than I was, (He is a much better Mum than me) and its possible to use the lessons He Has taught us as an excuse for not making best choices. I also shared how God has blessed us with our children moving to be nearby.

Sunday evening Bob Johnson Spoke- talks about chalk and cheese. He’s Bill Johnson little brother and TWICE - that no exaggeration - the size of him, and an outspoken loving evangelist!! He spoke on the orphans are coming and to get ready to receive new Christians- cos it’s going to be messy, lots of poopy nappies, loss of sleep, disruption to our neat thinking. We need spiritual Mums and Dads to be ready unshockable, able to keep their love on.

Oh nearly forgot sun night I had a great time in the pre meeting prayer time- a lady had a word about being a trapeze artist who had previously been in a more performance based environment and some activities would feel familiar- but not to panic, the environment was completely different the arena had changed and I was now in an arena where I was being cheered on and encouraged- which is so true of how I feel in Hope – so thank you everyone.

More later got to go

Theresa Merrick, 29/07/2013