TheresaNo. 4: Gallon into a pint pot

Hi Hope church

WOW~ what a day we’ve just got in from Sunday evening meeting WOW~what an amazing time of worship with Jeremy Riddle and others- incredible lasted hour and a half- only realized that later- obviously, Mark –the sound we heard when our worship changed the angel noise like an ancient door opening sound/note/chord/noise I heard is again tonight in the worship – incredible we went on a whole journey in worship- I felt like I was flying literally at one point over lands and islands and countries really fast on the wind of the Spirit- with no visible means of support- simply incredible- what an amazing privilege to be here, now at this time.

Sheri Silk was sharing tonight-
What is it about ladies that mean we have recording/technical problems, I know that’s something our wonderful PA guys have worked on for us to get preaches recorded- if it’s any consolation they have them here too!!  Sheri had technical problems and they couldn’t get her apple mac to work either!!!So no film clips or power point.

Sheri spoke on NOT being afraid and living as sons and daughters, and declaring good things over our city because we’re sons and daughter, not to be fearful but to walk in confidence outside of the church and to make others look good.

We’re daughters and sons of the king and we have access to all areas so we can declare, bless encourage. She encouraged us to call out the greatness of our city- Michelangelo said ‘I saw an angel in the marble and I worked to set it free’

GOL- Great One Liners
- Whatever we focus on gets bigger
- We are called to be amazing and give Him the glory
- We are ordinary people doing the extraordinary
- Col 1:26-27 Christ in us the Hope of glory 2Cor5:20 we are to be ambassadors for Christ.

It was inspiring and brilliant; if you work in the city have a listen.

I’m all out of sync and working backward to bring you up to speed. Andy and I both spent some time with Daddy God this week. He reminded me about a picture I had in small group weeks ago, He reminded me about how the Holy Spirit is just like the Samaritan, in the passage where the man gets beaten up by thieves and the Samaritan pays for his rest, food and rubs oil in his wounds and bandages Him up and takes him somewhere to rest until he feels better. Holy spirit can rub oil into sore muscles and joints, bringing us into a place of rest instead of restlessness, He can set broken bones, heal skin, muscles, bones, bruising by bringing us into rest and rubbing His oil in.

I’ll give you some of the weeks’ edited highlights:
Last Tuesday we met with Theresa Dedmon- who Aline Lidwell has worked closely with – she is one inspiring lady to talk to re; creativity in writing, arts, music, painting, sewing baking. I’d so like her to visit Hope. We went to yet another inspiring staff meeting, and went to the prayer house here, which is open 24/7 and a great place to pray. I love it.

IMG-20130801-WA0002We went to Lassen volcanic park on Friday, where we went on the highest drive we’ve ever done, 8500 feet, drove down some great ‘s’ bend roads and went to see volcanic springs, boiling mud and Bumpass Hell!!
IMG-20130801-WA0003Here is a photo of Andy at the topmost drive, and here am I surrounded by hot air ( not for the first time ) it’s a live volcano so there are all these hot springs, and boiling mud- smells of sulphur/rotten eggs- no spa here it’s too hot Mr Bumpass lost a leg here showing visitors around- hence the name. Really great day out loved the drive home, and being with ma hubby.

Saturday we went to encounter rooms and both really met with God, you’ll hear more about that when we get home.

I’d love to tell you more there’s so much to tell, I’m bushed been to Body pump and Pilates today- got to keep the calories under control I’m ruling them NOT vice versa!! I’m bushed however, tomorrow is our last day so this could be my last blog.

I look forward to Sunday and seeing you all, giving you the highlights it has been fun filling you all in a bit, as the days have passed. Today it was 92*/33* this felt pleasantly warm!!! Not at all hot! We’re going to freeze when we get home!


Andy & Theresa

Theresa Merrick, 06/08/2013