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247 Prayer

Our next week of 24-7 prayer is coming up fast. To sign up online go click on the following link

You will need to phone the prayer room phone so the person praying can come and let you in. Due to the location this phone number will not be on the door so put it in your phonebook now.

0 75 30 01 36 95

This time around the prayer room is in our very own hope hub. 13 bath street on the top floor (see the map and photo below.) Close to queen street station. You can park for free just round the corner on Sundays and between 6pm and 8am all other days.

So What is all this 24-7 prayer malarky about??

Read on to find out and check out the website


At this very moment someone, somewhere is praying; maybe through word, thought, flowing through a pen or painted on a wall, they’re speaking to their creator. In 24-7 Prayer Rooms in any number of countries and within many different expressions of Christianity, people young and old are learning to pray by praying.

The first night and day, 24-7 Prayer Room started by accident in a small English city in September 1999. A bunch of young people who needed an extreme challenge to kick start their prayer lives got the crazy idea of trying to pray non-stop for a month. They broke the time into hour slots, filled a room with creative activities and inspiration to help them focus and expected to fail after a week... God had another plan, He turned up and they couldn't stop hanging out with Him til Christmas! A passion for God's presence, a rise in faith and answers to prayer brought new life to the Church.

A Global Wave of Prayer

From that one scruffy, smelly, holy room the idea and hunger for prayer has spread across the globe. From one prayer room, the virus of 24-7 Prayer has multiplied into thousands of Prayer Rooms in over 90 nations. Space has been made in schools, police stations, prisons, shops, festivals, naval academies, caravans, homes and often in churches themselves and Christian communities have pledged to pray 24 hours a day for a week or more. It's hard to keep track of exact numbers as Prayer Rooms have spread through word of mouth and the book Red Moon Rising (the story of 24-7 Prayer) into almost every stream of the Body of Christ. Hundreds of non-stop prayer meetings are now linked via this web site to form a unique chain of unbroken prayer. As well as signing up to pray night and day, tens of thousands of people have posted on our online Wailing Wall, reading the prayers and petitions of people across the globe.

Prayer for Amateurs

Many who would consider themselves bad at prayer are learning to pray in new and creative ways. We encourage people to fill their 24-7 Prayer Rooms with activities, stimulation and creative mediums to help people find new languages to engage God in conversation. Some speak, others think or sing, many write, lots find expression through paint or sculpture. Even people who aren't believers and wouldn't feel comfortable in a church meeting feel drawn to the presence of the Holy Spirit and the variety of prayerful expression to a 24-7 Prayer Room offers. As people call God's attention to those who need to know Jesus, to situations of poverty, oppression and injustice, many communities have found themselves prompted to respond in very practical ways. Fresh enthusiasm to share the gospel and vision for social action have become common after a period of continuous prayer.
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