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Well I thought I’d try and tie up those loose ends thanks for reading my blogs I’m glad it helped you to connect with all that’s been going on I certainly appreciate being in Hope Church with you all.

The name of the young man who ended up helping a tribe his great great grandfather had promised help to was Marcus Young. Next

Chris Valleton-he preached on the Tuesday night


Moses had to be born free and live in the palace so He could lead Gods people into freedom when you’re the Pharaoh’s kid you live in abundance and everything in the empire is your responsibility. Jesus said to seek first His kingdom and He will build up the church – the gates of Hades will not prevail against it math 16:18 – we mess-up the church cos we try to build it.


Whatever feeds me feeds the church – the sons of Issachar were commended in the bible they understood the times and what they should do

We’re living in the 2nd greatest transition in history 1st transition was Resurrection and Holy Spirit. John baptised into repentance and sang a dirge( mournful song) Jesus baptised into resurrection and played the flute this resulted in Apostles, Prophets evangelist pastors and teachers to equip the saints till we all look like Christ.

Jesus released a new prophetic order:

Old Testament prophets

        Predicted judgement sin death- weather system in OT reflected blessing or judgement of God – Elijah no rain for 3 years

        judge people- Jezebel Saul OT various kings


New Testament prophets

Malachi 4; 1 reconciliation restored relationships sons to fathers and vice versa

– Restores family – restores Fathers to sons- God blesses with rain righteous and unrighteous- God blesses those who don’t deserve it.

Violent (Jesus being crucified) act of grace

-Prophets judge prophesy- not prophets


Kris then drew the parallel with horses vs. car – 1910-1930 great discussions were going on about whether the car is better than the horse for transportation. We may laugh but society had all the infra- structure for the horse, stables watering holes, spare horses all roads were narrow not dirt, blacksmiths readily available,

Cars- no roads wide enough, no petrol stations, infra structure of society was horse driven, people persisted car prices came down roads got built, petrol stations got built, motorways- society changed.


We’re in transition  if we define past by pastors/teachers who historically have led the church – they gather  and want to keep people together like sheep herding them guiding them to safe pasture but

Apostolically led churches train equip and deploy people, fathers who transform the culture-Brings heaven to earth- eventually transforming culture and nations.

eg; women voting – no vote 1920  in USA mindsets have since changed women now vote in society sometimes we change laws before we change our mindset that what happened with women voting

Apostles change mindset culturally transforming thru kingdom ideas

Apostolic cities have princes over them (see angel Michael in book of Daniel) they are righteous- politicians’ do not determine mindsets normally.

In USA cities that have most people going to church have higher crime rates than cities where they do not have large churches – everyone is waiting for someone else to do something about it – that ought no to be so. Hope fills, faith sees, Love never fails – we are called to be light in dark places – not to comment on how deep the darkness is.

Are we living earth- heaven or heaven to earth? IS 53; 6 sheep go astray pastors shepherd sheep but all they see are other sheep, all the sheep see is each other rear ends – 99 sheep can’t be wrong baaaaa!

Heavenly seat gives heavens perspective eg; Daniel says he was 10 times wiser than the wise men of Babylon why aren’t we leading in all areas of society we can be the wisest powerful most creative people on the planet why aren’t we?


What we did instead was call the horse Auto. I.e. called the old way (pastoral leadership without going through true transformation) apostolic.

Apostleship creates family – Father Uncle Son

Protestantism – because it gathers by agreement and this is seen as the most important issue there have been 1000’s of splits, whenever there has been a move of God.  

Catholic Church has split 3 times

Humanity resists new revelation because it tears old rigid wineskins so to stop churches splitting we don’t encourage or teach people how to think.

Did Jesus work like that?

We have been taught not to think if you had a research & development department- emphasis is on creativity thinking out of the box creating new products this is applauded you take risks.

If you have a manufacturing department- emphasis is on no defects and everything being done perfectly and uniformly – if you apply these rules to research & development – no creativity

Eg: garden of Eden God planted tree- knowledge of good and evil could’ve planted it on top of Everest people with no clothes will never find it!!!!!!!But He put it right in the centre of the garden so they could make a poor choice – God creates opportunities He doesn’t want us to take!!!!!!

Jesus made gallons of wine for people who were already drunk

Really difficult to be ready for jungle when you train in the zoo, God trains, He lets us experiment, take opportunities and risk so that we can make poor choices and learn and get rewards-culture of rewards creates culture of risk

Eg; Abraham didn’t know where he was going just knew he couldn’t stay. Abraham was a man of faith hope against hope he believed God and became the Father of nations just like God said. God wants to change whole nations.


I’ve tried my best to explain this was outrageously funny and insightful and thought provoking, I loved it. We then went for a much deserved pint and bed.


Wednesday AM

Up and listening to a great QA sessions with Kris Valleton and Bill Johnson  


-                     God inhabits praise giving priority to the presence of God in private, because we can’t go publicly further in worship than you go in private – that’s’ a good word right thaaaair!

How do you maintain this in life – what we do in private matter otherwise you are praising and worshipping God for what you can get – professional intimacy is called something else.

Don’t interrupt glory to preach Holy Spirit is the greatest worship leader.

-                     Truth is a person scripture should deepen relationship with God and people, deception doesn’t begin with reading a verse – it’s a spirit that is attracted by independence – dysfunctional relationship with others Dan Fairly has some great teaching on this

-                     How do you want to live 20 years from now?

Break poverty mentality – profit is not evil- sacrifice is seen as more noble than worship – trying to fund world or citywide transformation you need to make money its ok to earn more than you need.

Short-sighted to fund from church only sow seed money wise not bread- give others permission to be blessed not about our kingdom don’t apologize for Gods favour in your life. Fear of man is the spirit of religion.

Tithe of their income to other churches in their city taken offerings to bless other churches, given money monthly to Indians who were original residents of the land but have been treated badly by society.

-                     Culture of honour God favours people differently we create a round table but inheritance is from God 1 Cor 5; 16,17 know one another after the spirit – have spiritual insight and discern each others spirit not just for evil spirits.

Treasure sitting in the person next to us – value the elderly, God hides treasure in twilight years, in a performance driven society age and experience isn’t recognised, same is true of children not to miss the treasure in them.

-                     How do you encourage people to get drunk and walk in self control?

Encounters with God play a huge role in renewal of our minds

When having folk on staff when Bill felt new wave of spirit moving in his office would call surf’s up and everyone would stop what they were doing and come and receive from God.

Sound wisdom the media music side of Bethel work think and drink gifts of the Spirit all the time- they work drunk.

Under and apostolic covering you become an apostolic ministry because of their covering you can flow in that culture – get the full inheritance.

-                     If we know what we are called to we will be at our happiest.

-                     Honour all roles secular and business, celebrate their successes there is no ‘spiritual job’





We then listened to a brilliant preach by Eric Johnson about how Jesus led, and dwelling in abundance of God – that doesn’t just mean money it’s a lifestyle.


Sheri Silk then shared on Honour all men (mankind) time doesn’t permit now but it was brilliant and she and Danny prayed for everyone who attended their seminar which was great - I love you more than I need to be right. – Who are you when no ones looking- clean up your mess if you get it wrong with people.


We then had lunch in the sunshine with Pete and Kim Carter and then it was

Bill Johnson

Hope is the ability to move God to the centre of a problem.

They have seen miracles everyday for the last 12 years but you have people who don’t get healed you have to go to the secret place and cry out and then look for something to fix- don’t do guilt and shame and blame it is no help.

Gospel is fully preached according to Paul when signs and wonders are displayed in the power of the Spirit.

Abundance isn’t what I have but what I give away.

Be aware of Gods presence then walk.

Mark 1 when Jesus was baptised the heavens were ripped open – we live under an open heaven. 

 It was then the end of the conference and we went back to sleeeeeeeep


Thursday we went shopping for resources for Hope church I bought some new clothes it was my birthday blogged and went out for a final Mexican at Chevys where we really did eat the whole enchilada!!!


I’ve found writing a blog quite therapeutic helps me bed down the many ideas that were presented I loveya and Hope this has been helpful Hope heh! heh!



Theresa Merrick, 07/11/2010



Leaders' Advance

Long time no blog sorry been too busy going to meetings yesterday we left at 8 and got back at 11.30 pm. I blogged you all late last night - it was witty, full of amusing anecdotes, witticisms and great profound truth - I’ve never before achieved such depth of insight I was profoundly moved finally finishing at about 1.30 am then lost it into the ether of computer world arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!




Leaders Advance Tuesday




Had breakfast with 150-200 leaders of churches from UK Europe and Australia most profound moment was when a complete stranger came up to me and said  ‘You’re a joy bomb you’ll go into situations and meet people and joy will explode over them’ at which point I started laughing.




One of the most refreshing aspects of the conference is the absence of recruitment, they clearly see their role to equip and empower other churches around the world, and to encourage local relationships and help them to spring up also. They’ve been doing this for a long time; 30 years they’ve all been together. They mention some visits to the nothing north of the border till Clan 2011 when their teaching their Love after marriage course which looks brilliant.




Next thing: great time of worship, you would all love it here, strong presence of God musicians clearly skilled, not driving the thing along. Moving quickly from rousing anthem type songs to intimate contemplative moments allowing time for speaking in tongues etc great new songs and new Bethel music CD out Nov 28 just in time for Xmas!




Next Andy and I had Sozo appointment with Yvonne Martinez. Andy refers to it in his blog - it’s a healing tool to help restore and connect you to having a full relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our heavenly Father. Hurts from the past can be completely healed so I’d booked these appointments in February to make sure we got in!!!! Ladies I took all the essentials run proof mascara and hankies – but didn’t need any of it. We chatted about a few issues from the past then they encouraged me to look at what God wanted to give me and I saw a picture of a city centre but like toy town size and then I zoomed into it and it was like a spotlight running up and down the streets etc. What does that mean I thought – then they suggested it could be the gift of intercessor – where you are led by God – the spotlight- to pray for different areas of the city - there was a massive YYAAAAAHHHHH that immediately rose up in my heart. They also suggested it could be for more than Glasgow but and suggested I get hold of city centre maps and maps and pray for the nation. The reason it looked like toy town is that I see it all from Gods perspective. We prayed some more and I felt Father God say to look at our city with love and pray for it bit by bit, and that He’s in charge.  Very exciting and interesting I thought - must find out more about intercessors!!!!




So then back to Bethel centre for a Prophetic session in a free 15 minute slot with 1 child Reuben 8 year old and 2 adults who purely hear God for you as a couple. Here’s a sample of what came for us: A picture of a whirlwind and us both jumping into it and another of running and jumping off a cliff face into water but a rope appears that we cling onto to then other people follow us jumping off. That we would be filled with joy, so would the church so much so that people would leave pubs and clubs and come and see what real joy is like.




Then lunch and processing time then into Community for Leaders by Banning Liebsher

God created oneness creation- fall -covenant community- redemption

Jesus’ prayer John 17 Ephesians 5: submit to one another

Said we’re like motor boat you can have boat in driveway engine will overheat in seconds because  their created to be in water where the water cools the engine and propels the boat forward -  we’re created to need community and others around us and when we draw what we need it will propel and sustain us.

Proverbs 11:14 24:6 15:10, 12, 32 17:10 12:1

I’d love to tell you more but I’ll run out of time now he recommended

Dan Fairley Brave Communication

Danny Silk – (Nicks & my hero) Kingdom Confrontation which we bought today and is available!!

Then meal with 400 leaders at a very nice hotel to allow us time to get to know other people.

Then Kris Valleton spoke, it was hilarious outrageous inspiring and dangerous.

Moses had to be born free and lead the Israelites into freedom had to be raised in Kings Palace – when you’re the kings’ son everything in the kingdom is your responsibility.

Jesus said seek first the kingdom – I’ll build the church- we’re in a time of the 2nd greatest transition in history, being transformed ourselves and then changing the culture by changing the mindset of the nation. I would love to tell you more I took copious notes loved everything about the talk- its drama how outrageous he was -you were killing yourself laughing then wham another point would come and hit you round the head. It was brilliant but time doesn’t permit here. I’ve run out of time we had a day that I’ve not even touched here which started with a question and answer session with Bill Johnson and Kris Valleton amazing testimony of a church praying for a little girl with cerebral palsy who not only grew 6-8 inches but her body straightened out and she was completely healed. Just so much to share. But time to go its now Thursday evening its my birthday we’ve been the shops and bought me some new clothes and we’re all off for a Mexican – Chevy’s here we come. We leave here 5 am Fri. morning and arrive back 6am sat morning so don’t call us before 11 am sat morning we’ll be in bed.

Loveyalots Theresa 

Theresa, 01/11/2010



Day 3

Well I feel like Mike TV in charlie and the chocolate factory- you know the scene when he gets shrunk and he is in the television - I was in the televisions with Bill Johnson and Bethel Church it felt quite weird and I got Nick to hit me

so I knew it was real.

Fistly the queueing process be first in queue to get in the 2nd service of the day only to proceed to find half the rows already occupied !(Whatcha have to do to get in the first few rows I wondered)


The worship started off amazing Jeremy Riddle- ( oh first you have to make a determined effort not to ohhh and ahh at all the cameras people old friends you'd not seen for years etc and are now in far flung areas of the world- see Nick and Jan's blog for more info )

The band was sensative we sang 3 Matt Redman songs This is a gifted response being one of them brilliantly sung and played at one point in the worship a lass on a violin led into a song in the spirit it had a 'jewish ' feel to the melody and they encourage the congregation to sing and make their own songs to God serveral times, the band worked so well together just following where the Spirit was leading - which is alot easier said  than done- this felt like a triumphant lament !!! no a sober adoration-no a glorious moments of being lost in praise adoration and worship to the Kings of kings and Holy God they were superb a 'Holy moments' where time seems to standstill itself - I love to worship its the best thing to do in any meeting - the preach I love too but worshipping God Himself - why do anything else and good preaching should lead us to praise and worship God or convict us so we can praise and worshp God more fully AMAZING I LOVE WORSHIPPING . Its worth coming here just for the worship guys.


They had some great church notices running upto christmas its amazing all the resources and facilities and different ways you can impact your community when your a bigger they have a huge christmas banquet which they provide for the poorer members of society where good clothes toys shoes jacket are donated and given out - they have a booklet listing all the home group, core groups family home groups Love After Marriage home groups and special workshops, special interest and study groups. they have a directory full of when where and who to contact these.


We then broke bread and juice and settle down to listen to Bill Johnson brill. I'll tell you more about that later I've want to go to evening meeting and pre meeting prayer so time to go love yoooooooooooou.







Theresa, 31/10/2010



Day 2

Well  hello everyone well you've got to give Jan her due for writing in the most original places whilst we're here -  we were all laughing heartily at her you'll be glad to hear. Today we went to the healing rooms I was a bit of a space cadet today couldn't get m yself together I woke early and went to the small  gym here which was great having spent 2 days doing not much.

We went to thE CHURCH here and booked into the healing rooms Andy and I met several old friends Pete and KIm Carter from New ASh Green and Nick and Jan met an old friend of theirs Ian Rossel from Leicestershire - appartently there are 120 folk from UK here this week, I wanted to get as much time as poss with God - that why we've come all this way and went into the encounter room- it was really busy looked around and found a seat next to a lovely old lady and immediately started to cry and proceeded to cry for the next 1.5 hours just gentle quiet tears ladies not the heart wrenching sobbing ones - thankfully -

I was responding to what God had been speaking the previous  evening Jason Vallatton  spoke about forgiveness which was very powerful and just responding to God -I'll give you the gist of the room it was large there were musicans and lots of instruments they were playing worship songs but they were so used to the presence of God it rose and fell sometimes joyful sometimes quiet and reflective, jubilant restful adoration, comtemplative praise at one point a gong was played but it was so right for the moment, there were some dancers dancing, painting areas, all the time there were people walking and praying with others, the 2 ladies I sat next too were wonderfully sensative and prayed for me I think I got the best seat in the house but very few had words for you they were  just praying Gods presence would be with you. There was a prophesy corner where you could go for a prophetic word - I felt God was saying loads to meanyway I didn't need to hear any more-  it was sensative and sweet and soothing it felt very safe. This was just the encounter room - I hadn't made it into the prayer room yet!!!!!!!!!!!

The air was thick with the presence of God and so restful.

We're off for dinner now with Nick and Jan and meeting Pete and KIm so I'll tell you more later but you'd love it here I feel at home the culture is different but Gods the same.   

praying Gods with you all mightily tomorrow





Theresa, 30/10/2010



Day 1

Definitely arrived, feel like I'm in American movie, had breakfast at Black Bear Diner - portions are gigantic- saw:- cowboy boots
handlebar moustaches
leather waistcoats
massive trucks
 ZZ top lookalike.
 Everyone stares at us like we're strange when we say anything.
Redding is small town USA, we dropped by their building where fortunately the bookshop was closed - less temptation for Jan they've got a great prayer room on top of a hill with fantastic views all around planning on visiting that soon. We talked about our itinary for the next few days and did some shopping and looked at Maceys (john Lewis lookalike) and pennys found a great coffee shop where the chaps ate again! How they do it heaven only knows! Now rest before going to fri night revival meeting
Feeling excited and slightly nervous all at the same time !
Tell you more soon - God loves ya xx

Love Theresa



Theresa, 29/10/2010




My blog well where to start great breakfast at Heathrow watched 1.5 films one was rubbish !  read my book look good feel great by Joyce Meyer very sensible and sound advice. I also read my magazines - best smoked salmon recommendation from Good Housekeeping is............... Lidl £2.79.for 200g  best sage & onion stuffing balls ....Lidl £2.49 I was reading  more about planning the perfect Xmas
1. plan ahead
2. delegate
3. doesnt have to be perfect
THEY GET PAID for writing this stuff!!!
Amazing /:p
chatted to Andy and still only 7.5 hours to go arghhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh I should've mentioned I don't sleep on planes or trains - only in warm automobiles that's  regardless of whether I'm driving or not.
I'm eating too much whilst reading ‘Look good feel great’! But I figure reading the book counts and should be absorbing some calories also we're travelling at 589 miles per hour which mean every single calorie I've eaten is still in UK because they are highly law abiding units and only travel at the speed limit so they won't be in USA till Sunday that’s 3 days and 10 hours. Now for some of that time the calories will be travelling at night and given they have poor eyesight they may well miss me altogether or get lost in San Francisco. Here's hoping




Theresa, 28/10/2010




Welcome to my blog. This month me, Andy and Nick & Jan are going to back to Bethel church in America.

Here I'll talk about my experiences and what I'm looking forward to when we get back.


Please feel free to leave comments or questions.





Theresa, 26/10/2010