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Well hello again,
it's been a while - largely due to the intense schedule and the desperate need for sleep! Then partly because I lost my notebook from the week....thankfully found again now! So much has happened since I last put fingers to keyboard... A second appearance of the glory cloud....totally different to the first, coming after the preaching and resulting in a half hour of beautiful, heavenly a capella worship and a moment when heaven invaded with healings and encounters - a four and a half hour meeting which seemed like an hour! Every morning great worship where the Spirit breaks in and leads us into new places..... Then there's been teaching galore - huge amounts of information to process - on all kinds of subjects....teaching on singing in the Spirit (very helpful fresh perspective); on the horizontal effect of worship (life changing and empowering); on the tabernacle of David and what it means (I'm going to have to go back over this one...); on many aspects of song-writing; and identity and intimacy; to name but a few....

I want to comment on the latter - who we really, really, really believe we are. I've come to the conclusion that I've been saying one thing, and living in the light of another. No, I can't take any credit for it...God has convinced me, again and again.... We (no that should be I) mentally assent to the fact we're sons, that we've been set free, that there is no condemnation, yet my life really doesn't truly bear the fruit of that. I still don't live in the good of sonship and all it's privileges, I still live to some extent in fear of man, I still beat myself up when I'm not perfect, I'm still not totally confident that when I pray for someone they will be healed, that He will supply all my needs according to His riches...and so on.....oh my - I feel like I'm being picked to pieces, wrung out and then gently, gently brought into intimate encounters; restoring my soul and leading me in baby steps to freedom....slowly renewing my mind. "We have the mind of Christ", yet I so often believe something which belies this. God's truth is a better truth than the reality we observe around us! We were recommended to go and set aside some time, get into God's presence and ask Him to show us five things we believe about Him that aren't true and then ask Him what the truth is and a scripture to back it up! A salutory exercise and one I'd recommend. I'm so aware that I need to hear God better, tune in to His frequency more often (well, continually), and actually do what He asks!

I seem to be spending more time wrecked and undone before Him as the school heads towards its conclusion....only one day to go, and I think I already have a years worth of processing ahead of me! But looking forward to a last worship session together and the end of school impartation and fire tunnel.

On a lighter note, Carissa has arrived in Redding, so it's been good to see a familiar face, and July 4th fireworks were pretty spectacular!

Looking forward to being home in a weeks time!




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