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It can be very difficult to find the real or authentic Jesus, people or churches seem to have different versions available. But who was he really? Was he all about the rules, was easy to get a long with and more importantly what effect does his life have on our lives? The Authentic Jesus series works through Marks Gospel to discover the real Jesus, how he acted, and what his message really means to us.

Available on this page is all the audio from the series so far and, when available, notes which have been provided to our small groups to help them think and discuss the series, and apply the teachings to our day to day live.


The cross and the conquest of evil


Andy Merrick - Mark 15 - 22/02/2009
Andy talks about the events surrounding the cross, and why the gospel writers choose not to focus on how gruesome and painful it was.
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Daring Devotion


Phil Ford - Mark 14 - 15/02/2009
A look at the nature of and reasons for wholehearted commitment to Jesus through the story of one woman's costly worship.
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Jesus and the end of the Age


Eric Cairns - Mark 13 - 08/02/2009
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All you need is love


Andy Merrick - Mark 12 - 01/02/2009
Jesus said the most important thing you can do is love God and love you neighbour, Andy talks about how to do this in our culture and community.
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Phil Ford - Mark 11 - 25/01/2009
Unfortunately we are unable to provide audio for this session.



God and Marriage, Divorce and Sex


Eric Cairns - Mark 10 - 18/01/2009
Eric covers the tricky topic of Marriage, Divorce and Sex, asking what are the differences between Christian and non Christian couples.
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Whatever you do stay out of hell!


Andy Merrick - Mark 9 - 11/01/2009
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Of Ants and Elephants


Andy Merrick - Mark 9 - 04/01/2009
Andy Merrick talks about knowing God in 2009. He discusses how we are like Ants when compared to God.
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Andy Merrick - Mark 8 - 21/12/2008

?? - Mark 7 - 07/12/2008

Andy Merrick - Mark 6 - 30/11/2008
Andy Merrick teaches from the story of Jesus feeding 5000 people and shows that using Gods resources can make the impossible possible.

Eric Cairns - Mark 5 - 23/11/2008
Eric Cairns looks at three very different stories of people who encountered Jesus and asks what we can learn from them today.

Andy Merrick - Mark 4 - 16/11/2008

?? - Mark 3 - 09/11/2008
Unfortunately we are unable to provide audio for this session.

Andy Merrick - Mark 2 - 02/11/2008

?? - Mark 1 - 26/10/2008
Unfortunately we are unable to provide audio for this session.